Private Debt Recovery

Are you owed money by a tradesman or maybe you've paid for goods or services that you have not received? Our Private Debt Recovery Team can help you!

Our private debt recovery team are familiar with the challenge you face when trying to get your money back. Our experience allows us to quickly resolve any disputes and help you recover the debt owed.

We always start by trying to recover the debt with pre-legal action but if that does not work we can pursue court action and once a County Court Judgement (CCJ) is obtained, we can legally enforce the debt.

We can also help with issuing a Statutory Demand against your debtor. Statutory Demands can lead to bankruptcy proceedings against individuals or winding up proceedings against companies.

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Why Choose Us?



  • Fixed Fee - The most cost effective way to recover debts, we will explain the fee and how it works, no hidden extras or nasty surprises.
  • No Recovery, No Fee - No upfront fee, we take a small percentage of the debt recovered and most importantly, if we can't recover the debt, there is no charge to you.
  • Bulk Recovery - For higher volume customers we can offer you a service for a fixed monthly fee, think of it like having an in house collections team!

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